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About Gardian

Transition into the future of healthcare.

Gardian is an Australian-based digital health company that operates in the medical technology (MedTech) industry category, a category considered an eminent part of the healthcare sector.

Gardian delivers innovative digital health solutions and innovative products and works closely with diverse organisations to enable a better way to care.

Founding the product offering with Gardian EMS, the company has gone on to develop a range of technologically advanced solutions:

Gardian EMS is a state-of-the-art, pro-active and preventive medical assistance solution that offers a new way to tackle and treat medical situations onsite before it becomes too late. In the case of a medical emergency, such as potential alcohol poisoning or a drug overdose, Gardian EMS quickly identifies the signs of a pending emergency, accurately locates the patron and sends an alert to the control room and to the medical team so that the nearest paramedic may be dispatched immediately.
In keeping with the need to provide better care on a global basis, Gardian also offers clients solutions to assist with their response to COVID-19, including the supply of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs), comprehensive testing services and oversight in a Point of Care setting, and the provision of the advanced Gardian Test Tracker software and Gardian Self Check app in order to effectively manage self-testing and reporting requirements for organisations.

The latest offering, Gardian Auxilio is innovative assistive technology solution, based on control software using AI, wearables and mobile apps, for seniors and people living with a disability. Effectively monitoring and analysing individual metric markers alongside their routine, these products have been proven to help users live a safer and more independent life, both in and out of care facilities. 
And as security and privacy are of paramount importance, all recorded data is protected and used in accordance with the AMA Code of Ethics (2016). Bank level encryption and Google Cloud Services is used to ensure that all information stored remains 100 per cent safe.

With the head office and a warehouse based in Southport, Queensland and an office in Smeaton Grange, New South Wales, Gardian can proactively service clients on a national and international basis.

Contact us today at to discuss how our solutions can help you provide a better way to care.

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Building a better way to care

Because caring for others matters.

Our Backstory.


Conceptualised by a group of like-minded individuals passionate about providing a better way to care, Gardian was formed initially to reduce alcohol and drug related harm occurring at music festivals.

As a pioneer in the telecommunications industry, CEO Graham Gordon was at the leading edge of major technology implementation and transformation programs, so working with wife Linda – herself, an independent promoter and the marketing and communications director for Queensland Music Festival – the pair were eager to use their breadth and depth of expertise to help others.

In September 2019, Graham and Linda joined forces with Mike Hammond, founder of EMS Event Medical on the development of the world’s first integrated digital health solution that incorporates remote monitoring, AI to learn and analyse, backed by a system that integrates with emergency health units and care providers. 

With strong interest from diverse industries, multiple end-to-end solutions have since been developed with adaptive capabilities; from enabling accurate test, track and trace of Covid-19 rapid antigen tests, to improving levels of care for the aged in residential living and supporting the quality of life in the disability sector. Onsite clinical services also provide critical health and safety support for a number of clients.


Supported by an advisory board comprised of medical and IT professionals, the team at Gardian have expanded rapidly and now boasts more than 150 years combined experience in technology and product development, medical services, emergency response, financial management, customer service, training and specialised communications.


At Gardian, we are united in our passion to provide better care. We all love what we do, and we want to make a difference.

Our Core Beliefs


Humans have a right to connect with others, be independent and feel safe.

Technology improves the way individuals and communities are cared for.

Organisations have a responsibility to provide a higher duty of care.

Social impact can be achieved through deployment of new technology.

Industry leadership is critical to our success.

To create a better way to care: for individuals and communities.


Connecting and protecting through innovative products, AI technologies and smart applications.


Our Customer Promise

We're always looking for ways to make the experience better.


We help our customers create a better way to care; and a more fulfilling experience for their organisation, customers and community.

By 2030, Gardian Technologies will be recognised for having enriched peoples lives with innovative solutions, allowing them to continue to do the things they love.

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