Gardian EMS
Mobile Application

The Assist Mobile Application is included in the solution.  The Assist App is the interface between the Smart Wristband and the Control Software.

other features that may interest you

  • Automatic Medic Dispatch.  Where an emergency situation is triggered, the Assist Mobile Application, alongside the Smart Wristband, indicates the exact location of the user and triggers an automatic dispatch of medics to the person in need. 

  • Auto Switch to 000. This feature monitors the user within the geozone and when the user leaves the geozone, the app automatically switches to dial 000 from the request for assistance button.

  • Custom Design and Branding.  You are able to custom design the Assist Mobile Application to work with your brand.

  • Emergency Medical.  Finds people needing assistance with the touch of a buttonIndicates the wearers position on a map and shows the medic approaching

  • Real Time Notifications.  This feature allows the organisation to issue notifications, alerts or reminders that suit your business needs. Major issues override screen selection to make sure important alerts are seen. 

  • Safeguard. Manages and monitors pre-registered medications.

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