Implement state of the art COVID safe practices with Gardian EMS, and get your business back on its feet.

  • Active Alerts. Alerts can be established to manage the effective use of masks and hand sanitisers. Active alerts can be triggered where a wearer has failed to attend a sanitisation station upon entering the site. Another example may include a "place mask on" notification where the wearer leaves an area. Multiple alerts may be set up.​

  • COVID-19 Sign In. Registration of the wearer upon entry to the geo-zone without the need for paper based or QR code sign-in. Track and Trace function triggered upon entry, and active monitoring and patron alerts are issued, to monitor and manage social distancing practices.​

  • Social Distance Monitoring.  Detects the movement and proximity and time of each individual.  Alerts both the wearer and staff of any social distancing breaches.  This data is stored for future reference or tracing analysis, making it simple to pinpoint who, what, where and when.