Mobile Application

Create your perfect schedule, link up with your mates, discover the incredible food and entertainment on offer, and stay safe. This app has it all! This event app is the companion app to your festival or event smart wristband and ticket for entry. This mobile application can be fully customised to meet your requirements.

Available with or without Gardian EMS smart wristband.

  • Custom design and branding

  • COVID-19 management & contact tracing

  • Easy API integration

  • Artist profiles & Playlists

  • Interactive site map

  • Festival wallet

  • Dynamic food & beverage ordering

  • Sponsor integration

  • Real time notifications

  • Find-a-friend & chat

  • Dynamic schedule 

  • Personal itinerary

  • Help! press for assistance

  • Auto switch to 000

  • Social integration

  • Automatic medic dispatch in emergency (with eventlife smart wristband only)

Advanced Eventlife Features
  • Merchandise Order, Pick Up or Delivery. 

  • Real Time Lost and Found. 

  • Interactive Augmented Reality (AR).  

  • Interactive Games (Gamification & Loyalty).