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Gardian Auxilio

Assistive technology for seniors, and people living with a disability.

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Gardian Auxilio notices changes that can indicate serious issues, before they happen. 


Gardian Auxilio uses smart wearables to monitor health and AI to learn and follow regular routines, so you can have peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is safe, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing.  Gardian Auxilio has been designed to easily integrate into everyday life. 

The solution has been built for seniors and people living with a disability to help them live a more independent, enjoyable and safe life.

Transition into the future of health care with Gardian Auxilio.

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  • Early prediction of health deterioration 

  • Predicts adverse events 

  • Provides early warning signs

  • Uses advanced machine learning (AI) 

  • Based on medical experts' modelling

  • Improves safety and quality of life

  • Enables timely assistance

Many experts consider the continuous monitoring of vital signs a key factor in understanding wellness and predicting health deterioration and adverse events.

Enabling preventive care.

Gardian Auxilio predicts a deterioration in health and wellness, and detects if medical intervention is required, in or out of the home. No false alarms.

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How it works.

Gardian Auxilio is easy to integrate into everyday life.   It is an integrated digital health care system that continuously monitors temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, pulse oxygen and movement. 


The solution includes a fashionable all-in-one smart watch, mobile applications for users, carers/medics and families and software.  


Gardian Auxilio also includes automatic emergency assistance and call for assistance functions.  It can determine health and wellness, and send help if needed.


This all encompassing AI based solution can be integrated into existing call center or patient monitoring solutions.

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