Shaping the new event experience

Music brings us together, help us to connect, create, explore, live in the moment and shape our most unforgettable experiences. 

2020 and now 2021 has been a challenging year for everyone, but none more than the arts, entertainment, hospitality and tourism sectors.

Being able to deliver COVID-19 safe events whilst delivering an unforgettable and safe experience is on the mind of every event organiser right now.

Our solution Gardian EMS can help shape the new event experience, and help tackle the challenges event organisers are facing head on.

Gardian EMS offers a superior patron experience, with an ability to keep patrons, staff, crew and artists/creators COVID-19 safe, and help you deliver the best experience possible, during this most challenging time.

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What is Gardian EMS?

GARDIAN EMS is a state-of-the-art medical assistance solution. It can be used for your COVID-19 management plan and to deliver an immersive digital experience.

How does Gardian EMS work for medical assistance?

Gardian EMS can automatically detect a medical emergency. It will then locate the nearest paramedic and dispatch them to the exact location of the patron to provide them with the care that they need, when they need it.

GARDIAN EMS can be deployed alongside our event medical partner, EMS Event Medical to provide a world class onsite medical service.

So in the case of a medical emergency, such as a serious asthma attack or drug overdose, Gardian EMS can identify the medical emergency, it will accurately pinpoint the patron at their exact location, it will send an alert to the control room and to the medical team, and it will dispatch the nearest paramedics to that patron immediately, to give them the assistance that they need, when they need it.

We are proud to have developed Gardian EMS, a world first solution for onsite medical care.

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Some of the ways Gardian EMS can assist you to provide a great experience

  • Locate a lost child in a large and vast crowd and reunite them with his/her family or carers within minutes, not hours.

  • Detect a medical emergency, locate the patron and immediately dispatch the nearest paramedic to help them.

  • Detect congestion or overcrowding at an activation and redirect security to assist with patron management so no-one gets hurt.

  • Obtain patron numbers at sponsor activations, and the amount of time spent within the activation zone for sponsor reporting.

  • Identify patrons that have not socially distanced and in case of a COVID-19 outbreak, obtain a system generated report of all at risk patrons, within minutes, not days.

  • Immediately respond to a patron in need of assistance arising from a medical emergency or assault.

  • Provide patrons with a digital wallet to manage all of their show ticket purchases.

  • Present all of the experiences on offer and invite patrons to plan their day through a personal itinerary, encouraging them to stay at the event and in town for longer.

  • Identify a patron that has fallen over and communicate directly with them to determine if they need assistance.

Learn more about how GARDIAN EMS works and why we created it.

eventlife Mobile 
Event App

Includes a customisable and branded Mobile Event App experience.  Available for iOS and Android

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Includes a Smart Wristband for patron management.  Available in multiple colours.

Event Medical
Mobile App

Includes a Mobile App for the Medic Team to locate patrons, manage diagnosis and workflows.

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Event Medical
Control Software

Includes Control Software for the onsite Medics and Organisers. Built with AI for predictive medic management.

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