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Gardian Test Tracker

Gardian Test Tracker is a purpose built tool to ensure robust COVID-19 testing protocols are in place whenever tests are undertaken outside of permanent health facilities.

The system is used by the on-site testing team and is used for registration, tracking, management and reporting of the COVID-19 testing process.

Test results are automatically sent via text and email to recipients, those requiring further medical intervention are provided with a referral.

The solution incorporates a web application, paramedic workflow management, and treatment protocols. It is accessible on laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

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Multiple test types

Gardian Test Tracker has been developed to track test results using the following COVID-19 testing protocols:

Rapid Antigen 
Quantitative reverse transcription PCR (RT-qPCR)

If the person tests positive, they can be advised on isolation protocols, follow-up medical review and further testing.  Gardian Test Tracker automatically notifies public health officials so that contact tracing can commence immediately.


Gardian Test Tracker key features include:

  • Procedural workflow management

  • Attendant management

  • Batch number and test kit tracking

  • Symptoms tracking

  • Countdown function

  • Record Batch Number, Matrix type, Test type, Tester, Result

  • Completed/Not Completed/Result

  • Self serve dashboard reports

  • Aggregated user data for analysis and reporting

  • Export results