Gardian Test Tracker

Get visibility over your COVID Point of Care or self-testing program.

Offering regular testing can keep your business open, workplace safe and reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak. But having visibility and ensuring compliance is the key to a successful testing program.


If a test is done in the privacy of someone's own home (or other location), how does an employer know that the test was done correctly, and the result verified?

Gardian Test Tracker along with the Self Check app ensures a fully compliant and visible testing program for your business.

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Gardian Self Check Employer Integration

For employers opting to use rapid antigen tests to ensure a safe environment for their staff and broader communities, repeatable testing using Gardian Test Tracker and the Gardian Self Check app will provide optimum results, ensuring efficacy and low invalid rates.


The proven test, track and trace protocol offered via the secure recording and reporting platform offers traceability to ensure recall or immediate contact to affected users.

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  • Do you need to implement a robust COVID-19 testing program at your workplace?

  • Would you like to ensure that staff are healthy and safe prior to them attending an office or sire environment?

  • Do you want to ensure that your staff are doing their tests properly?

  • ​Are you looking for a safe and secure test recording and reporting system at the click of a button?

It’s easy with GardianT3. 

  1. Purchase Gardian T3 rapid antigen tests for your staff and business. 

  2. Get access to the Gardian Test Tracker portal.

  3. Implement the Gardian T3 self-test program at your business.