Assist App monitors and communicates with the system

Customer Journey (4).png

Customer purchases event ticket

Confirmation email sent to the ticket holder with information and link to download the Assist App

Customer downloads the App and completes the registration process

During gate entry, Patron is handed a smart wristband to put on

Patron puts on the wristband and the Assist App auto syncs with the wristband

Patron enters

event site

Patron enjoys experience

Patron drops wristband into return bins at exit

System identifies patron in need of assistance and auto-dispatches nearest medic to exact location of patron

If the patron needs help, they, or a friend, can press for assistance and the nearest medics are dispatched to the patron

After treatment, the patron will return to enjoy the event, or be further treated in the medical facility

Patron exits

event site

The patron or friend can track the location of the medic, and can chat, video or voice call the medic