Gardian EMS
Medic Mobile Application

The Medic Mobile App is used by the Medical team to identify location of the patient and assist with management and treatment protocols and workflow.  

  • Notifies the medic of a need for assistance & immediately dispatches closest team 

  • Shows the medic the persons details (current and past medic HX)

  • Shows the medic the exact location of the person needing assistance with directions

  • Notifies the medic of a person with abnormal vital signs and shows on a map where they are

  • Medics document patient contact records directly on their phone or tablet

  • Workflow management and recording of ePCR via text, image and voice controls

  • Medical data uploaded to control system in real time

  • Allows medic to call for back up or additional resources to the exact location

  • Allows medic to have a video conference call with other EMS members (Telehealth)

  • Prints or send reports direct from location

  • Logs Safeguard and notifies the medic that there are medications in storage,  notifies logistics (runner) to take the medications to that call (location) in case they are needed.

other features that may interest you

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