Delta still waging war in Australia

Confused by current messaging and perturbed by the fact that there are still soaring numbers of infections and deaths in New South Wales and Victoria? You should be.

The latest report from the Clinical Disease Genome Network (CDGN) indicates that despite what is being reported, Australia’s Covid threat is far from over.

With the general narrative focused on Omicron and it’s virulent but purported ‘reduced severity”, the Australian public may be being lulled into a false sense of bravado - there are even reports of gatherings where people have deliberately attempted to spread the virus in the belief it would increase their immunity.

The CDGN report advises however, that of the current sequencing being conducted in New South Wales and Victoria, the overwhelming majority of cases are still Delta.

Of the 22,021 aggregated sequence data collected in NSW, 19,900 are of the Delta or B.1.617.2 lineage, and similarly, of the 10,417 sequenced in Victoria, 7,904 are of the more deadly variant. The balance is comprised of the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Omicron strains.

Graham Gordon, CEO of Gardian and developer of the Gardian Self Check app states that while being vaccinated is obviously the best way to get immunity, regular rapid antigen testing and reporting is key to slowing the spread of the virus.

“Studies have shown that while vaccination against Covid is crucial to preventing severe disease and death, even fully-vaxxed individuals can catch the virus – and pass it on,” said Gordon.

With 93.1 per cent of Australians over the age of 16 double-vaccinated, and state restrictions coming back into force – the emphasis must shift from presenting a ‘green tick’ for entrance or participation, to the ability to present a current Covid-free status.

With business closures rife due to staff and supply shortages, organisations need an end-to-end system that provides a robust protocol for repeatable, self-managed COVID-19 testing and reporting.

Gardian has developed the Gardian Self Check and Test Tracker, a purpose-built application and data management system that offers an auditable process capable of capturing individual identification and consent, a certifiable Covid rapid test outcome in a certificate form that may be shared with employers, health departments or a government-based platform, and a means of safely storing sensitive patient information.

“Accurate RAT testing and reporting will help organisations provide a safe environment for employees and their communities,” said Gordon.

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