Gardian's Covid-free approach

While vaccinations are an integral factor in minimising the severity of disease against current known variants, they don't protect against infection. With most restrictions and isolation rules abandoned, the risk of Covid-19 infections is an ever-present and growing risk to business operations.

There is however, significant evidence that regular screening programs provide an effective solution for disrupting the chain of transmission. In addition to reliably monitoring SARS-CoV-2 transmission rates and severity, regular testing policies and systems are key for the early identification of infectious Covid-19 cases, effectively allowing for their prompt isolation to protect your business, employees, clients and the community.

Check out the new video from Gardian, that highlights our Covid-free approach by clicking on the video below.

Gardian has developed a robust protocol for the management of Covid screening programs via Point of Care or self testing. Our software captures individual identification, consent, and provides an auditable process capable of providing rapid antigen test outcomes via a digital certificate.

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