Rapid Antigen Self Check App Released

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

The Gardian Self Check App, a new ‘normal’ for COVID-19 testing

It isn’t easy to quantify the full impact of COVID-19 lockdowns in Australia.

Whether mandated on a state government level or due to an exposure and public health shutdown, many businesses have suffered.

Organisations still in business today, which tend to be larger firms, are seeking a new normal – while many smaller companies and those in hard-hit industries, like tourism, hospitality and entertainment, are still struggling.

The truth is that downtime is painful but with the Federal Government and TGA approving the sale of high quality, safe and appropriate rapid antigen self-tests (RATs) for Australians, they are becoming increasingly available via employers, online or in supermarkets and chemists in most States.

Rapid antigen testing is a pathway to increase testing, particularly for people who reside and/or work in a priority setting or who are required to test more frequently.

Fortunately, the Gardian Self Check App, a state-of-the-art proactive application available for IoS and Android ensures there is a robust, and approved, protocol in place for organisations to implement repeatable, self-managed COVID-19 testing and reporting, whether conducted at home or in a point of care (PoC) setting with healthcare oversight.

Workplace testing can help remove uncertainty about wellness, and if an individual is unknowingly infectious with COVID-19, it could be a better and less costly solution if they are self-testing at home to avoid close contact exposure in the workplace.

The Self Check App guides individuals through a step-by-step guide for the individual and enables the capture and recording of individual consent and proof of test result. While recording all relevant info of the individual for action and follow up, it also registers batch number and test kit to the individual being tested so can be tracked and traced (if required). The image of the test result is stored and displayed as part of the test result certificate. When sharing results, the image capture allows the individual to provide proof that the test was completed, that it is a valid interpretation of the test outcome and that it was completed in accordance with the instructions for use. More importantly, for anyone who is symptomatic, their information is used to forward a referral to the medical provider.

Self-testing using the Gardian Self Check App allows for flexibility of testing location and can be done in one’s own time and from the comfort of their own home.

Talk to Gardian about the most appropriate testing program to suit you and your business.

Can Rapid Antigen Tests be used in all States or Territories?

Different State and Territory jurisdictions may have different recommendations on testing and reporting requirements based on any public health orders that may be in place.

Click here to contact the relevant State or Territory Government or see their websites for any local requirements that are required for self-tests.

Gardian Test Tracker

As Omicron (and other variant) infections spread and the government, industry and the general public at large need to adapt, having staff take a rapid antigen test prior to attending an event or returning to work to ensure that they are not transmitting the virus to anyone else, is a good idea.

Rapid Antigen Tests are ideal for surveillance and pre-emptive protection in a population where an increased spread is occurring, and one needs to prevent outbreaks as they can identify potentially contagious people with or without symptoms in 15 minutes or less. As the popularity of COVID-19 rapid antigen testing continues to rise there is a great deal of interest in how they can best be used by organisations to bolster their COVID-safe plans.

The Gardian Self Check App and Test Tracker ensures a comprehensive protocol for repeatable, structured COVID-19 self-testing and reporting – whether conducted independently or in a Point of Care setting - so is an ideal intervention for organisations and public venues needing to provide a safe environment.

With the ability to be used in conjunction with several highly and very highly sensitive RATs, the Gardian Self Check App and Test Tracker operates from a cloud-based platform that manages applied tests in a controlled protocol. While the app provides a step-by-step guide for the individual to conduct the test, the Gardian Test Tracker enables the business to capture and record individual consent and proof of test results. Registered data pertaining to the test including batch number and test kit to the individual can be tracked and traced (if required) and the image of the test result is stored and displayed as part of the test result certificate.

The Gardian Test Tracker contains a dashboard that displays all employee test results and reports, providing a more efficient way for managers and compliance officers to monitor, track and trace COVID-19 exposure and take appropriate action. And, as security and privacy are of paramount importance, all data recorded via the app is protected and used in accordance with the AMA Code of Ethics (2016). Using bank level encryption to ensure that every piece of data stored remains 100 percent safe, data is hosted by Google Cloud Services.

Talk to Gardian about the most appropriate testing program to suit you and your business.

The Gardian Self Check App

Protect your business and workforce with the Self Check App and Gardian Test Tracker software.

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