Saliva Based Tests Ideal for the Latest Covid Wave

Updated: Nov 7

Australian health authorities are on alert as anecdotal evidence suggests that the XBB and BQ.1 variants may be behind the rapidly escalating spike in new COVID cases.

Most Australian states and territories have reported a rise in weekly Covid-19 cases with Tasmania reporting the highest increase at 30 per cent between 21st and 28th October. This is followed by the Australian Capital Territory (26 per cent), Victoria (25 per cent), Western Australia (20 per cent), New South Wales (15 per cent) and South Australia (15 per cent).

Despite anecdotal evidence suggesting that the XBB and BQ.1 variants may be behind the rapidly escalating spike in new COVID cases across Australia, the end of most restrictions has left the most vulnerable people in our society feeling abandoned and forgotten, once again.

With industry bodies branding the government decision not only reckless but dangerous in the face of multiple new COVID variants, reports indicate that vulnerable cohorts including the elderly, those living with a disability and those who are immunocompromised may be forced back into self-imposed isolation.

If we are to truly move forward and live with COVID, we need to ensure that everyone, including all vulnerable groups, have easy access to TGA listed rapid antigen tests so that if required, they can access important oral treatments, including antiviral treatments in a timely manner.

With the shortage of rapid antigen tests last summer still fresh in our memory, and in keeping with our philosophy of providing a better way to care, GardianT3 Covid-19 rapid antigen test is a non-invasive, saliva-based self-test that suitable for all ages and abilities including those with low-vision, the elderly, and for those who may have issues with physical dexterity or cognitive disabilities.

Capable of identifying all current variants identified by the World Health Organisation including Omicron Variants BA.4, BA.5 & BA 2.75, the GardianT3 Covid-19 lateral flow (saliva-based) rapid antigen test provides a reportable result in just 10 minutes.

The straightforward, one-step functionality of removing the cap and simply placing the test cassette in the mouth eliminates the need for multiple handling, or the unpleasant insertion of a swab in the nasal passages. This effectively reduces the potential for any number of errors to occur, ensuring the test is done right, every time.

Don’t get caught out in another year-end rush for rapid antigen tests – protect yourself and those you care for leading up to and during this holiday period.

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