The call to improve safety across the live events sector.

The focus of the arts and entertainment industry is to improve safety. In recent times, there has been an uncovering of the abuse experienced within the Australian music scene with stories being shared on sexual misconduct, abuse, and physical and sexual assaults occurring at live concerts, festivals and in the workplace.

With proposals in market covering over 2m patrons across festivals and events set to take place this 2021 festival season, Gardian is well on its way to becoming a market leading partner across the festival and events sector for introducing a market leading solution to improve safety and reduce harm. Our eventlife app has been designed with safety in mind with three key features:

  1. Help! Press for Assistance

  2. Automatic medic dispatch in case of a medical emergency

  3. Auto switch to 000 outside of the event zone in a medical emergency

For more information on these plus more features, visit

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