Zooming in on Gardian EMS

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Gardian EMS is an interconnected service that provides the very first all-encompassing solution that will assist in saving lives.

The traditional methods of increasing security and policing, and implementing heavy-handed tactics to manage drug related illnesses, will be a thing of the past. Patrons being escorted or carried to the medical teams when its’ too late, will also be a thing of the past.

Our solution continuously tracks, monitors, and reviews the health of all users within the event zone. It offers a 360-degree approach to patron care. If medical attention is required, the system automatically dispatches the nearest medic to the patron in real-time.

Critically, it will reduce the time it takes for a medic to get to and treat the patron. It will provide the medic with an accurate location of all patrons at any point in time and will guide them to the exact location of the user.

The Gardian EMS solution is state of the art medical intervention software built with Artificial Intelligence to improve medical intervention and patron care. The solution is coupled with wearable smart devices (wristbands) for patrons, and mobile applications for patrons, medics, and event crews.

Most importantly, we have made the solution simple to use. With features that include COVID-19 contact tracing, social distance monitoring and reporting, coupled with health vitals tracking, predictive medic dispatch, scan-less entry and geo-location functionality, this application is the first of its kind in the world and will revolutionise the way patrons are cared for at events.

The built in AI functionality will continuously learn and identify conditions and parameters that improve future medical interventions, build on safer experiences for the organisers, venues and the patrons, and create an overall real time risk profile of any event, large or small.

Gardian EMS is the solution that protects and future-proofs business owners and patrons operating in these spaces. With our 360-degree approach, we have developed a truly innovative solution that can better care for people as well as help the industry get back on its feet.

The product suite consisting of Gardian EMS Assist, Gardian EMS Control, Gardian EMS Medic and Gardian EMS Smart Wearables has been tailored to meet the demands of out-of-hospital care management for events, ensuring closer patron monitoring and excellence in event medical management.

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