Don't take the risk, ensure your staff are Covid-free before they return to work

Judge and Gavel

Just a few months ago, the Personal Injury Commission of New South Wales (the Commission) found an employer liable for the death of an employee who contracted COVID-19 during their employment and ordered them to pay the widow an $834,000 lump sum death benefit and weekly compensation for the period of the deceased’s hospitalisation.


"Employers have a duty under the model Work Health and Safety laws to eliminate or minimise the risks of COVID-19 at work so far as is reasonably practicable. Statistics show however, that more than one third of employees that have contracted COVID-19 are still infectious when they return to work."

Source: Fair Work and Safe Work Australia


Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kits

Gardian can supply you and your business with Covid-19 rapid antigen tests for self testing in addition to Point of Care (PoC) testing programs for your workplace.

All rapid antigen test kits sold by Gardian, including the GardianT3 Saliva Test Kit includes Gardian Test Tracker for Point of Care and the Gardian Self Check App for self testing. 

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GardianT3 Covid-19 is an easy to use, one step saliva based rapid antigen test suitable for all ages and abilities, including those living with a disability.



COVID-19 Testing

Regular screening programs


There is significant evidence that regular COVID-19 testing programs provide the only practicable solution for disrupting the chains of transmission and eliminating the ingress of infection on site. In addition to reliably monitoring SARS-CoV-2 transmission rates and severity within high-risk environments, regular testing policies and systems are key for the prompt isolation of infected persons to protect colleagues and the broader community.

  • Simple Gardian T3 saliva-based rapid antigen test with unique QR code for test verification

  • Fully supported by the Gardian Self Check app and Test Tracker platform

  • Available for Point of Care and at home self-test environments

  • The recommended standard is to test workers every 72 hours

  • Stops positive cases from entering your workplace

  • Verifiable and reportable test results for reliability and compliance

  • Flexible strategy that may be increased or decreased as and when necessary

  • Fully supported by Gardian training and customer support

What is a rapid antigen test, how does it work and where can I find a rapid antigen test near me?


A Rapid Antigen Test is a test that looks for COVID antigens from a small swab sample. 


It can be done anywhere at anytime and does not need to go to the pathology lab for results. 

Results are quick, and the procedure only requires a small swab sample.

Two kinds of Coronavirus tests look for viral material. These two tests include a Nucleic-acid-based test (or PCR test) and an Antigen test.

The third kind of test is an Antibody test, which examines the immune response to infection.

The PCR test requires a pathology lab to process the test result, whereas a Rapid Antigen Test or Antibody Test can be done outside of a lab, at the point of care, on site at your workplace.

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