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Keep your business open with Rapid Antigen Testing

Get accurate results in 3-15 minutes.

Offering regular testing can keep our industries open, our communities safe and help curb the spread of COVID-19.


Our testing program using rapid antigen testing can help do just that, with quick, accurate and cost effective testing at your event, site or workplace.

  • We can supply you with highly accurate rapid antigen tests at a competitive price. 

  • All of our test kits are sold with Gardian Test Tracker for pre-registration, tracking, result notifications and reporting of the COVID testing outcomes, including electronic proof of test. 

  • Flexibility to test anywhere, any time.

  • Bolster your COVID-19 safety plan.

  • Provide peace of mind.

  • Minimise business disruptions.

  • Results are secure and health compliant.


We also offer the following services:

  • Rapid antigen testing services or oversight by qualified health practitioners at your workplace, event site or production facility.

  • Review and update existing COVID plans, including incorporation of additional risk control protocols.  Undertaken by a qualified risk assessor.

  • Written protocols and procedures for implementation of a rapid antigen screening program.

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Buying Rapid Antigen Test Kits - what you need to know

Get the information you need to know about buying rapid antigen test kits.

  • Assessment of health screening procedures.

  • Custom design and setup for screening stations. 

  • Education - how to use rapid antigen tests – online and face to face component (if required).

  • Further Training for staff HR and educators.


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Ensuring your
Rapid Antigen Testing Process is health compliant with Gardian Test Tracker.

Gardian Test Tracker is an encrypted cloud-based software platform that helps you through your COVID-19 testing procedure.


The software manages registration, capture of consent, results notification and reporting, giving your healthcare teams more time to focus on what matters. The solution is used for Rapid Antigen Testing, onsite PCR testing and other test types.

Test results are automatically sent via text message, and those requiring further medical intervention are provided with a referral.

The solution incorporates a web application, testing workflow and treatment procedures. It is accessible on laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

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Purpose built to ensure robust COVID-19 testing procedures are in place.

The system is used for registration, tracking, management and reporting of the COVID-19 testing outcomes for rapid response testing. 

Electronic proof of COVID test result.

Test results are automatically sent via text and emailed to recipients, those requiring further medical intervention are provided with a referral.

Health department reporting compliant including handling of sensitive medical data.
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Implementing Rapid Antigen Testing

By utilising a robust, enhanced, evidence-based testing strategy we are able to support industries to continue to operate safely during the most challenging time in recent memory.

Our solution allows the staff, contractors and other impacted people that remain at work during this pandemic to confidently continue working, knowing that every measure possible has been taken to keep them and their loved ones safe. 

Not only are we protecting the workplace with this solution, we are also identifying individuals that upon completion of work may have gone on to affect the wider community.  This stops people circulating in the community who may be infectious.

Our partner's and clients in this testing regime should be proud that they are not only protecting their business and the livelihood of their staff and teams, but are also protecting the greater community.