Self Check App


Gardian Self Check App

The Gardian Self Check App is an easy-to-use mobile application available for Android or iOs, that guides the user through completing a Covid-19 rapid antigen test from home.


The Self Check App helps users understand how to take a rapid antigen test, read and record the result. Users may also opt to share their result with others, including a health practitioner or employer.


Once downloaded and registered, the Self Check App includes easy to understand step-by-step instructions on how to use rapid antigen tests, including the GardianT3 Covid-19 rapid antigen test kit.

Download the Gardian Self Check App


Step 1

Follow the Gardian Self Check App step-by-step instructions. This will guide you through the process of taking the rapid antigen test. The Self Check App supports various Covid-19 rapid antigen tests, including GardianT3 Covid-19.


Step 2

Once you have taken the rapid antigen test, the Gardian Self Check App will prompt you to choose the result; positive, negative or invalid. The Self Check App will then record the result and issue a digital certificate valid for 72 hours. All test results will be stored in the test history to easily track results.