Gardian EMS
Smart Wearables

Unlike common smart wearables currently on the market, our fully featured smart wearables seamlessly integrate with our Gardian EMS solution.​ 

Our range of smart wearables are stylish, waterproof and have been customised with health features built in. 

Our wearables can be leased or purchased outright and are included in the Gardian EMS solution.

other features that may interest you

  • High accuracy temperature sensor

  • Heart rate monitor, providing pulse rate, blood pressure and pulse oxygen level

  • G-sensor and 3-Axis Gyro sensor providing movement data – trip, fall, stand-up, sit-down, lean over, pedometer count, shaking, shivering

  • BLE4+ low emissions Bluetooth for connectivity

  • Auto-pairs with Gardian EMS Event or Assist App

  • Works within specific Geozone

  • Battery can last for 5-7 days without charge (15-20 days in standby mode)

  • Waterproof IP67

  • Core vitals monitored continuously and fed to Control System

  • COVID-19 proximity warnings and alerts presented with vibration and visual cues

  • Data collected for proximity time and distance and fed to Control System for data analysis and tracing 

  • Stand-up alert and Facemask notification provided via wristband and App

  • Does not drain mobile phone battery

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